Gratitude, long lost friends.

The sky darkens and I return. It's deep into the fall and here we are. The last time I posted on this blog was on Solstice 2017, last year's darkest day. Had I known then that this year's days would get even darker, I might have been more grateful and spiritually inspired. Now Thanksgiving approaches and the theme everywhere is gratitude.  Fine. Well, nowhere is gratitude more powerful than when it disguises itself as light in the darkness.

It's dark out. So what can we be thankful for?

Kids to love. Not just ours, but all of them—kids who have dreams and goals and a belief in the possibility of a fulfilling future. Whether they are our kids or someone else's, our primary job as adults is to breathe life into their dreams and show them what it looks like to have deep and nourishing relationships, so that someday, when they hit darkness, they will have the strength to open their eyes and see light.

Some happiness experts suggest that we start the day writing down ten things to be grateful for. Not a bad idea, I suppose. Today, I am grateful to recognize that sometimes just one thing is enough.