Yes, Resolutions Are Boring, BUT:

Make time for what matters.
From The Frazzled Teacher's Wellness Plan: "The Top Five Things That People in Hospice Regret in the Last Weeks of their Lives." Food for thought, in case you haven't written your New Year's Resolutions yet.** (This is their advice, not mine. I fail in all of these categories.)

Regret 1. I wasn't true to myself. I lived the life that others expected of me. 
Live the life that is true to you, and don't give a damn about what everyone else thinks about your work, your appearance, or just about anything else. The best advice: Don't take advice. Trust your own good intentions. (There's a mural at the House of Blues in Boston: "Listen to more music and less advice." That's good advice.)

Regret 2. I worked too much. 
True, we need to pay our bills. But only aim for getting what you need, and not piles and piles more. Be clear on what is "want" and what is "need." According to this equation, that leaves more time for family, friends, and self. (Supposedly, anyway. Mortgages, major necessary home repair, cars, piano lessons, and warm boots and coats are pretty expensive—but it's worth a shot.)

Regret 3. I wish I had told people what I really think. Oh boy. Tricky. Many dying people wished they had expressed their true feelings, because holding them in only led to bitterness, resentment, and anger over time. The authors suggest expressing things constructively and in the moment. This is tricky.

Regret 4. I lost touch with good friends. They wish they had made time to stay in touch. Rekindle old friendships. Reach out!

Regret 5. I wish I had been more happy. Just like that. You know, just decide one day and it will happen. Um... no. But their point is: Remove yourself from unhappy situations. Laugh and be silly. Go to funny movies. Start a hobby. Today is always a great time to start trying to have more fun. The key is, try.

Wishing you a thoughtful and optimistic last day of 2019.  Keep trying.


**I discovered this in a book I was reading on combating teacher stress. I know, I know—a fabulous way for a teacher to spend her vacation from teaching. But it's a textbook; I'm just getting it out of the way so that in the new year, my precious personal time can belong to me and to you, not to a pile of vain deadlines.


Unknown said…
i wish i had more fun, played more music, eaten better food, drunk better wine and another drop or two more of guiness!
i would not change a thing about my friends or family.


from ' Uncle Hrry"
Unknown said…
i do wish i had made fewer typos. :]
Soul Mama said…
Uncle Harry, typos from smart people like you have helped pay our mortgage for the last 25 years. All typos welcome.