Old Souls, Music, and the Now. (I like the now.)

A friend and I have been writing about writing the last couple days.
Well, let's be honest. I've been writing about writing with every serious writer friend I have over the last few weeks, so now you know why you're put on hold for so long when you call the customer service department at Casa del Soul. We are currently serving other customers, but your call is very important to us. Very. I promise.

Anywhom. (His words, not mine.) My friend said he doesn't know where his writing comes from. But he said it better. "I don’t buy into the Freudian pseudoscience of the 'unconscious mind,' though there is certainly some programming of the brain (like language, cultural expectations) that underlie ordinary experience. Nonetheless I have no idea where any of this stuff comes from. I just wish if I had a secret santa doing my writing for me then it would bother to be a better writer!"

I don’t believe in the unconscious mind, either. (I do believe in Santa. He doesn't write for me, but everything else he does is just fab.)

I also don’t believe in past lives and accumulated karma, and I certainly don’t believe in “old souls.” I just believe in observant people who look, listen, and synthesize experience.

Here's one thing I do believe in: Playing flute standing behind 35 fiddlers aged 7-70, while the hubby plays guitar, all in a community hall in Woods Hole to a room full of people. (Wow. That was so fun!)

I also believe, very dearly, in the two glasses of wine and the chat we have when we get home. I have slightly less faith in the headache I suffer the morning after.


Here are some video highlights from our concert last night with the Sonnay Fiddlers, led by Nikki Engstrom of Falmouth. Wow!