And the greatest of these is love.

I want to buy this. (I already have enough tee shirts.)
Yesterday I wrote an essay that detailed all of the monkey-mind questions that rattled through my psyche on a single day. It was some catalog. Terrifying, if those kinds of First-World problems scare you. It was pathetic, hilarious, human, crazy, and entirely sane. Sadly, I cannot share it with you because it's far too personal. (So I submitted it to the New Yorker magazine instead. PM me if you want to feel better about yourself because you'll see that someone is definitely crazier than you.)

These questions we ask. What will I....? How will I... Should I or should I not...? Is it ok that I ... ?

Yes. The answer is pretty much yes, I'm thinking. My friend the Reverend Question Mark says that love grows as worry diminishes. That's good. Live in love. Don't worry so much about it.

I say we start Sunday with a big giant yes.

It's freezing cold but by God the ocean looks beautiful from the kitchen window. Sure, it's a half mile away and I can only see it in the winter. But it's there, and it's waving. Oh, hello.


Happy Sunday. February is over.


bill h said…
The answer is always yes. Leave regrets for later.
Soul Mama said…
I trust you on that implicitly and explicitly, Bill.