Update from Day 5: Mothering and the Brain and When They Disagree

Hi folks, well over here at Casa del Soul, we are in our fifth official day of self-imposed quarantine, minus our St. Patrick's in-house online celebration, which did welcome three beautiful friends into our realm. (I'll share a link to that below in case you missed it, but a few words first.)

I am overwhelmed with the desire to write these days. I want to spend all day working on the multiple book ideas I've been milling around. I could that, no discipline required, because it's a deep desire. But... I'm doing a few things I wasn't doing before: making sure I go back to sleep when I wake up at 4 am, for example. And hanging with my family 24/7.

There are wonderful things happening here, amidst the fear and the uncertainty. Among them, 1) The full embrace of uncertainty, which makes some of the fear go away. 2) Basking in the warmth of the pause.

Almost never do we pause in this family. We both work two and more jobs, we have two kids, we are always on the go and always behind on everything. Now we have time to do stuff. We aren't rushing through it, but we'll get to it.

And we'll get through it. We hope.

Maybe later today I'll write more. For now let me just accept the fact that I have two late sleepers upstairs and a five year old and a puppy downstairs. And of course the latter have an unquenchable desire for attention. (In fact, I just had to interrupt my writing to yell at the dog and the boy while I extracted my yoga mat from the dog's mouth. And I'm reminded this moment that I forgot to get the boy his apple juice. And maybe I just changed someone out of their pajama bottoms between that sentence and this one. Live updates are so mundane.

[ . . .  ]

Your call is important to us. Please hold. Enjoy this music while we work with other customers.

If the link doesn't work, you can catch our live St. Pat's broadcasts at https://www.facebook.com/TheLindsaysMusic.