Can someone please tell me how normal people spend their mornings?

A snippet from soundscape, "Eleanora's Walk."
"Tomorrow," she said to herself as she drifted off to sleep, "I will wake up and do all the things normal people do." She imagined sleeping late, sipping cups of smooth creamy coffee, feet on the couch, watching Good Morning America, paying bills, tidying rooms, folding a few things here and there. Ambling through rooms dreamily, maybe doing a few ballet steps. Maybe donning fairy wings. Loving the peace of a Monday holiday.

Eight hours later, she wakes before sunrise. She heats up yesterday's coffee in the microwave. Picks up the contents of a pillow the dog has destroyed overnight. Stuffing EVERYWHERE. Smiles gently and thinks, "What a sweet little puppy." (She does not actually think that.) Puts finishing touches on a video. Tries to make her phone work. Checks email. Googles iPhone comparisons because of yesterday's toilet disaster (IT FELL OUT OF MY POCKET; I was not potty-texting!) Writes an assignment. Uploads a video she obsessed about all weekend. Writes a little story for her far-away students.

And then it was 7:30. There is no normal.

Here's the video I made this weeked with my colleagues, and the soundscape story for the kiddos at home. We just pray they are still playing their instruments. (If the embed doesn't work below, here's the link.)

And here's the story we are asking the kids to make sound for, cowritten with colleague Emily Gillander.  This is what we teachers are really doing... trying to inspire. Because we love those kids.


1. On Sunday, I went for a walk with my dog.
2. We walked along a bubbling brook that was chock full of fish.
3. In a silver flash, a herring jumped out of the water.
4. My dog went nuts! He splashed into the brook, pulling me right in with him.
5. We tumbled and struggled and splashed.
6. Finally I pulled him back out but he shook off and water went everywhere.
7. I dumped out my boot, and out fell a big stream of water and three fish!
8. Suddenly the sky went black, there was a rumble of thunder, and big fat rain drops began to fall.
9. We hurried home, but not fast enough.
10. Today, I learned what "soaked to the gills" really means!

There. Now maybe I'll try the Good Morning America thing. Or not.