Don No Mask, for Thou Art the Chosen One

In times of pestilence and plague, we lift up our eyes to hills and ask the age-old questions."From whence cometh my help?" Not from the Captains of Egypt. They don no masks; in arrogance, they fear not the night mist. And they completely ignore their wives' advice.

But for the rest of us, we cower. My friend wrote to me yesterday and asked, "Does the virus pick some doors?" She was referring to Passover, and if you're not prone to absolute and utter terror, I invite you to revisit these old scenes from The Ten Commandments, below.  

Hearing the screams outside as the Angel of Death creeps in and steals the first-born sons of Egypt, a boy peeks out the door. Moses says, "It is not forbidden to look on the breath of pestilence and see, for it is here." But then he thinks twice. "Actually, scratch that," he says. "Do not look, Eleazar. Close the door, Joshua. Let Death pass."

The video below cuts off, but in the Bible, Moses also advises that Eleazar and Joshua avoid Facebook. He does say that they can tune in to the news if they want, but he suggests that they avoid the first ten minutes or so of the daily White House press briefings.