Morning Hello, and That's All.

Good morning, good morning. The elves are working. 

Amid all the life adaptations we're making, teachers are busily working in the background figuring out how we will continue our students' learning. Me, I'm a music teacher. We got the orders this week that Phase 2 of online learning in Mass. starts Tuesday, and we have to have our lesson plans ready by Monday. Next week is a three-day week, in which we will be instructed to pilot a single online lesson with our kids. The following week, we start it for-realsy.

So this morning, not that I don't love you, but I spent my first couple of hours before the onslaught of the day (in the form of an awake five year old) making an instructional video. Our first assignment for our 500 young musical instrument learners in the town of Plymouth is to establish a practice routine. The three other teacher and I have assembled our favorite practice advice, and I'm putting it into a video. I'll be posting it here later today, so if you are interested, come on back.

In the meantime, hello. Wishing you a peaceful day. We can do this.