Homeschool Reflection, Week 2.

Saturday and how is today different? In my house, it just means that if you are under 6, you get to turn the TV on earlier. It's actually a big day. It's the Dino Dana season 4 premiere! And that's when Mom and Dad whisper sweet little prayers of thanksgiving because someone will now not talk for at least ten seconds at a time.

This offers time for reflection on last week's education effort. How did the second week of homeschooling go? Um... disaster, mitigated slightly. Recognize that this is coming from someone who knows how to teach, and who has access to computers, and who knows how to use Google Classroom, and who has a wonderful, loving, and skilled kindergarten teacher who is offering what seem like reasonable learning assignments. So why disaster? Cuz kids won't wanna, and without the structure of the building, they really don't see any reason why they have to.

So, week 2 is about being creative. How can we do a little reading, a little writing, a little math, a little art, a little music, and a little activity each day? Creativity is why week 2 was actually NOT a disaster: Certain parents figured out that 1) they can totally do this, but 2) they have to do it their own way, which is actually 3) the kids' way. Democracy, not totalitarianism. (Ahem.) This week was a confirmation of something I've believed all along: We learn best when exploring our particular interests. Things need to be relevant to our own reality.

That is to say: Sometimes learning happens better when you're wearing a giant blowup dinosaur costume.