Teaching the Blues, Parenting, and Other Troubles

Good morning! No writing yesterday because I spent a couple of hours listening to the Dalai Lama with his first-ever live broadcasts on Facebook. Worth a watch. The two-part lecture was a response to many requests for him to address the pandemic from a spiritual view. He does that, eventually, but not after giving a twenty-minute lecture on the history of Tibetan Buddhism. I think he felt like he had to start at the way beginning, just in case anyone was "new" to his world. I can relate. Baggage, Bill says.

So... nothing particularly substantive today (at least not yet) because it's teaching time. Boy is it tricky to keep up with teaching online, creating media, watching and commenting on kids' submissions, and parenting your own. 

I updated the last blog about the blues, so that may appear here too, but since you may have already read that, here's the video we created. (I added it to that post.) 

Happy Monday.