Thank You, Good Morning, Things to See, People to Write

Charlie Baker is letting us open up again, gingerly, in a week. How can it be that I feel disappointed? My cocoon is not ready to butterflybefree. Yes, yes, I know many families need to be back at work to make their livelihood and we must balance that against the risk of new possible infections to the most compromised among us and also prevent widespread armed uprising among the me feiners. Very, very important! I know! But I'm not done yet. Are you??? Are we done? I'm so serious about this that I'm using punctuation. 

We're not done yet! Patricia is making such headway clearing out the basement, and me, I'm only 41 pages into my book. The first of four, that is. From the fearful darkness of pandemic, cocoon has shaken its wand and conjured four quivering tomes—rising as they are from beyond the horizon, laser beams shooting from their pages to the heavens, burning the words "DO IT" on the night sky. Not just books, people. Albums! Videos! Kids who must learn the blues! A Mexican tile backsplash for the kitchen! A skirt made out of cool 1950s kitchen fabric trimmed with rickrack and pompom edging! Not now, Lord! I have more to give!

Some freaking drama. 

That's because I mean it. If you'll excuse me, I have a deadline. I'll be right back, as soon as I finish this next book. Good morning. Thank you. Bye.