When All Else Fails, Listen to the Children. (And the Artists.)

And the girls played saxophone. Gift!
Oh, it's a grey morning and life threatens to feel grey too. My friend wrote with desperate words. "Is it not bad enough that we are in eternal viral lockdown, but no, God has now decided it’s time for Noah and the flood round two - minus Noah and the boat." Thanks for that morning joy, Rev. You are a light in the darkness. (Or is that a lit fuse I see?)

But enough about me. And therein lies the key. Enough about us. What about the kids?

How fortunate are music teachers to have children making music for us! How could we feel grey?

Three ten-year-old kids made me Happy Birthday videos. Two played the song on saxophone. One played it on drums. JOY.

Next time we feel oppressed by the plague that will never end, we can always remember these little people and their hopes and dreams. These are wonderful reminders on a rainy day that life is still good and love survives—and that even though remote learning is hard (I have no idea who I'm talking to here, I swear), absolutely no child will face lifelong ruination if they haven't learned to write a persuasive argument by the end of kindergarten.

Gratitude to these amazing people for the joy they share. So many kind humans in this world. Maybe it's not your birthday but why not celebrate the fact that there are people out there who love to brighten other people's worlds. Thank god for them.

Budding musicians: THANK GOD FOR THEM.

Drummers are musicians, too. THANK GOD FOR THEM.

Makers of budding musicians and artists:  THANK GOD FOR THEM.

Lifelong musicians and artists (and kids at heart, pushing or over 50). THANK GOD FOR THEM, TOO.

And you? Thank God for you, too.