Honoring Dads: That's the way we do it downtown!

Dad and brood, Wexford, Ireland, 2019.

Happy Father's Day, dads! This is my first Father's Day without a Dad, and I'm still processing all the ways in which my father brought fullness and joy to my life. But I am so blessed to have Mr. Stephen Lindsay to celebrate today, dedicated Dad extraordinaire, whose children are the driving force behind everything he achieves in this world. No man, except his own Dad Pat Lindsay, will so tirelessly work into the wee hours to help make this house a home. I can't count the number of times I've had to go outside after dark to encourage him to set aside the project and come on in for the night. He loves making this house into something special for us all, and over the almost eighteen years we've been in this house, he has crafted this cozy Cape into a quirky little hidden haven right in the middle of town. 

Clem, left, after Aine's choral concert, 2019.

No work today, though. We're putting down the tools to do his other favorite thing: an unplanned, meandering day with just the four of us. We aren't planners so there's no telling what we'll get up to, and that kind of kismet is our favorite kind of celebration. Even when it means doing nothing at all.

Another Dublin airport goodbye with Pat Lindsay and some of the Lindsay clan, 2012.

When I think of my own Dad and also of Stephen, music plays in the foreground. Dad - the sole reason I played saxophone into adulthood - and Stephen the reason music has been in my life so fully since November 1994, when he first sat down in my tiny Brighton kitchen with his acoustic guitar and sang "Harvest Moon." One verse, and I was hooked. Eventually we made two confident, spirited kiddos who drive us crazy every single day because they stand up tall and break all the rules with the same measured sense of gusto that we do. Oops. Parents leading by example and suffering for it in the most shrugging kind of way. That's the way we do it downtown. :) Happy Father's Day to my favorite renegade.