On the Waterfront, Or: Catahoula Sleigh Ride

Plucking fish from summer glass; 
dog dragged me past it. 

On the Waterfront
Or: Catahoula Sleigh Ride

I took a walk to take it in
Dog took me for a drag
Who’s walking who, the Alpha fails
His poopy in a bag

Stories fall like summer rain
Whose feet have walked this shore?
Namemsha Abdullah Lavania Rex
We come in peace for war 

We come and worship, faith and peace
So pure and chaste, our pride
Hope and memory, music, hate
In love, these things abide

We pilgrims travel, never home
Forever walking, lost
We stand we crush we fall and bleed
We open at what cost?

Whistling on my bicycle
licking off my cone
Plucking fish from sunrise glass
Sweet souvenirs of home

Last nights thirst tossed on cement
Skateboard white boys rap
Our signs of hope beneath your feet
Four hundred years for crap

Such words, young lady! Mind your tongue
Lest insult open eyes
Devout and crass, they coexist
The sachem stands and cries

Babies seniors walking here
The sun she lifts for hope
Sprinklers coaxing grass from muck
We don our masks and cope.

Chatting barking walking dogs
The pooch now drags me home
This freaking dog won’t let me write
He’s saving you from poems

So much more staid when I sit home
I’ll try for that tomorry
I thought I’d walk instead of write
A poem came out I’m sorry


Ellie said…
Thank you for sharing your gifts of words and music with the world.
I love your poem! In fact I enjoy reading all your blog posts. Someday I will make a point to see you play!
Thank you!
Soul Mama said…
Thank you Ellie! Is this Ellie of the Ed Dept... NEAq? xxoo