The Power of Positive Reinforcement (I'm Joking.)

Dog Wisdom: Yawn.
In response to yesterday's blog, Bill told me to write every day. I listen to Bill. So I will. 

Today: Sigh. Oh, I did write this morning (Weds.) but it was a harried list of notes put together in preparation for a presentation I was to give later today for the National Council of Editors, for the National Association for Music Education. We meet once a year, usually in Washington, DC, and spend a full day talking about how each of us state editors can better support a national agenda for music education in our respective journals. This year, we met in our respective music room/offices. 

"That was fun," Conscience said, after finishing the first rough draft of the presentation. "I mean, why do anything at all, if it's not due in three hours or less?" Having no acceptable answer to this question, our heroine put aside her compilation of hasty notes and rough links and went off for a long walk with the dog. 

The beach was lovely. And the presentation went fine. These are the unfortunate positive reinforcers of procrastination. 

Important addendum: Procrastination is not always what it seems. Things brew and bubble over time, building steadily behind the door of Production until it quivers then bursts. Aren't we grateful when the hinges give at just the right time.