Embrace Your Monkey Mind

The Buddhists speak of meditative activities as helpful in calming the Monkey Mind, that incessant chatter that can drive you bananas (groan). Some people go for long walks to calm their Monkey Minds; I go for long walks to hang out with mine. In fact, I could walk all day with them, except for the sore hips and the fact that I have children waiting for me at home. Children; cute. Monkeys? No. Regardless, I have a few resident monkeys (approximately fifty) that spend all day shaking my tree, and I'm keeping them. I find them hilarious.

My mind has not changed since 2013.
Here is today's Monkey Mind Top-10. Trust me, there were many more. (I have a notebook and pen now! I wrote them all down. These are the only 10 I could actually read when I got back.)
  1. You will never know how many squirrels and bunnies live in your neighborhood until you get a hound. Right shoulder socket had a talk with lower back and they agree: Bring back the coyotes.

  2. If you wish to take notes while "walking" a hound, stop at a French fry. If you wish to walk at all, don't get a hound.

  3. Here comes that  #$(*#$ with the perfectly behaved pair of huskies, who are not pulling her, despite the fact that that's what they were bred to do. I'm sure she's exactly as nice as that mom with the two soccer-playing honor students. Monkey 23 says grow up. 

  4. We can thank coronavirus for the novel gift of face-mask trash. Miles: 4. Face Masks: 4. No other trash, really, except a can of Red Bull that someone actually consumed. To the latter, we ask, WHY??? Red Bull is a mystery. Monkey 14 wondered, Could we start picking these masks up in poop bags and sterilizing them, and ... CEASE AND DESIST, FOOLISH MONKEY! Put down that Red Bull and vodka and go back to your branch.

  5. When someone interviews you, and their only lasting impression of their two-hour visit at your home was that you own a solar powered Yoda (but you don't actually own a solar-powered Yoda), you are doing something right. (Monkey 12 is actually Yoda.)

  6. Do you care that that factual error will be part of a podcast going out to the entire Irish music community both nationally and internationally? No. You do not. Not one bit. (Husband's monkey possibly cares, but only a little.)

  7. Millie has been waiting eagerly for a nose flute in the mail, and it just came yesterday. She is so excited! Millie is a retired educator turned artist who was recently diagnosed with Parkinson's. Millie is taking up the nose flute because she doesn't have enough air for her didjeridoo. WE NEED MORE MILLIES IN THIS WORLD. All 50 monkeys rejoice and jump out of my mind to go hug her, right there in front of Plymouth Rock.

  8. Design matters. (Love does too.) Your husband was right about those signs.  

  9. Yes, Hound, I too find that fluttering American flags are just a weeeeee bit scary these days. However, that big pink ball that is not rolling, that yellow traffic cone, and that little water fountain at the Cold Spring Hotel: No. Stop barking at them. Those are not scary. The two guys you barked at: I shall take note. Thank you, Hound.
  10. And finally: Reality. Yes, even here. Not one single monkey was amused.