And Sean Said, "I'm Jogging With Jesus."

Today was a "Jogging with Jesus" day. 

WAIT! DON'T WORRY! Jesus does not jog in Plymouth, at least not in sandals and a robe. I think He goes around disguised as a fit blonde woman with two perfectly trained huskies that never pull on the leash and only poop in the downstairs toilet.  ("Love thine enemy," He says. [Matthew 5:44])

My writer and musician friend Sean uses "Jogging with Jesus" to describe the days that running along the waterfront is cool and comfortable. The days we feel strong. He is not religious, by the way. He is just funny. I hope that his book someday sees the light of day. 

Sean wrote this last week: 

The battle against COVID pudge continues. The heat and humidity in these last days of July have been very detrimental to the long morning runs I’ve gotten used to. It reminds me that you shouldn’t get used to anything these days, which is why I’ve adopted a one-day-at-a-time lifestyle during the time of The Rona. The last few days I’ve only gone about two miles as opposed to my normal 5. After two miles of failure and self-loathing for my failure (raised Catholic), I’d then retreat to my exercise bike to get a mediocre workout and shake my head at the politicians playing games on TV. None of this was getting me anywhere and I was getting depressed.

Today was different, though. Today the humidity had cleared and the temperature had dropped. I turned in 6 miles at 9:15/mile pace and returned home energized and ready to face another day as a pseudo healthcare worker. If I could paint a picture of how I felt, it would look a lot like this:

A nice reminder to all of us that how we feel is temporary—and to remember in every moment that this moment, too, shall pass. 

How We Feel ≠ What We Are.