"That's Ok" is the Mark of a More-Than-Just-Ok Friend

Good morning. There are academic ideas bubbling in the background, brewing a longer essay on "intelligence," ability, work, and music. For now, just an ode to a friend who music brought. If only we were as wonderful as our friends. (We probably are.)

Host: Let's play music outside so we are all safe. But I'm so sorry about all the bugs out here! 
Friend: That's ok. Do you control what happens in summer? I have bug spray with me. Try it. I'm happy to be here.

Host: I'm sorry the dog ate your mask.
Friend: That's ok. I have others.

Host: I'm so sorry this room is so hot. 
Friend: That's ok. Does the universe check my visiting schedule before it makes the weather? Sleep well! See you in the morning. Let's walk at 6:45. 

Host: Sorry to keep you waiting for our walk. I didn't realize you were awake...  
Friend: That's ok. I used the quiet time to just sit.

Host: Sorry this dog keeps walking in front of you. I'm still trying to train him... 
Friend: That's ok. Dogs have their own minds.

Host: I hope you don't mind, but I just have to share these thoughts. I don't mean to talk too much, but...
Friend: That's ok. I'm listening.

Host: I washed my hands carefully before giving you this ice water!
Friend: That's ok. I can wash mine, too. 

Host: Don't mind the mess in the kitchen.... 
Friend: I don't. I don't care what your kitchen looks like.

Host: Eek, I didn't really plan ahead and have a beautiful breakfast ready for you....
Friend: That's ok. I brought mine, and some for you too. I don't expect you to have breakfast for me. This is not a hotel.

Host: So good to see you. Come back any time. 
Friend: I loved our visit. Everything was perfect.

Friends like that are blessed gifts for friends like this. Letting people be who and what they are is a precious gift that costs nothing to give.