When Blues Has the Answer (Always)

What happens the morning after you've gone to bed halfway down the rabbit hole? Sometimes, you wake up fully outside it, haughty hands on hips looking down."Thank God I didn't fall down THERE," you sniff. Other days, you wake and everything looks strange and you can't wait to meet the Caterpillar. 

I don't like to write too much about fear and anxiety, but if ever there were a time it was warranted ... well, let someone else do that. I suppose we're all afraid of losing it all, but I survive by exercising perspective. There are many, many among us who never had it in the first place. Fed up people who feel they have nothing to lose; those who have only a little more are driven to defend = A recipe for a fabulous lemon meringue.

But my Lord musicians know how to sing it all away. Laughin' to keep from cryin', the song goes. 

So you. Whatcha gonna do? Me, I'm gonna walk the dog. 

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