Prius Catch-up!

 Catchup/whatup.  Here's a few videos made while you were sleeping... 

I was interviewed by the local cable station last Friday and they asked me, "What gives you hope?" It was the only moment in the interview when I had no positive answer. "Not the election," I said. We all laughed. Reality: Nothung came to mind!! But then, the next day I took my kiddo and some friends to a local demonstration of sorts, and I had my answer. Here. Click here... This gives me hope:  

Masks, Part 1. Then, back to the fun mundane, click here for a moment in the convenience store: 

Masks, Part 2. And here, for smelly, smoky happy memories of childhood, before people stepped out to smoke.

I made a super cute one at school, too, and will post it as soon as I have permission!