Sister Love: Remembering Marian, Part 1

Almost a year to the day from when this photo was taken, my beloved sister Marian has passed on. She left us one week ago today, on January 2, 2021 at age 61 after a difficult struggle with Alzheimer’s.
Blessed be the rule breakers, especially that nurse at the hospital who said I could stay as long as I like, even amid tough hospital visitation restrictions. That meant that even during COVID, I was there with Marian, holding her hand and singing to her as she took her last breath, to help usher her to her eternity. Gratitude.
Someone said she lost her battle with dementia. “Battling” is too strong a word. It suggests you have some power in return, that you have a grenade to toss back under enemy fire. There is no fighting dementia. There is only having dementia. She didn’t lose her battle; instead she has escaped. I think that means she has won.
Intense sadness for all of us who loved her so much, but sweet relief for her, in equal measure. She is free, at last.
Immediate services will be private, but a joyful celebration of life will happen this summer. It is what she wanted.