Misery: Productivity's B-Side

So if you found my last post disconcerting (i.e., "All that work... must be nice...." smirk • stamp  • hand on hip • feh!), know that beneath every naked bathing beauty is the gnarly behemoth she's trying to out-swim—and the bigger the beast, the harder she goes. All that work I was excited to share in my last post? It came along from hard work. Truth: I've been busting my sea-glass to earn a few fragile sand dollars. The best part is, when it doesn't make me cry (it actually did the other day), it's really fun. 

Am I excited and proud to have these cool projects? You betcha! I worked very hard over many years to get them, and I continue to work tirelessly to keep them. This, with a full time job, and two kids, and a whole lot of cataclysmic grief happening on the personal side.  

That work comes at a cost. Some people, when overwhelmed and anxious, shut down. Others of us go into high frenzy. Brené Brown calls us over-functioners. My running buddy Kate has many times suggested I check out this podcast, below. I plan to.... because the way I see it, you can never be too busy to pathologize normality. Let's give it a listen, shall we? 

Brené on Anxiety, Calm + Over/Under-Functioning

In the meantime, have no fear: you're not alone. I'm miserable too.

Love and quiches.