News from Everyone's Favorite Disaster (Just Kidding)

Friends, friends! This is the longest it's been between blog posts in some time. Where is Soul Mama?  To find out, please complete this brief morning quiz:

Sue is not writing because (Please select one.):  

a. Sometimes things are hard. 

b. Sometimes we spend our mornings doing other things. Very cool things.

c. Sometimes we are uninspired. 

d. Sue actually is writing, just not to you. 

(Hint: If you picked c, you're wrong.)

Want to know the answer? More hints, below. Since we last spoke, here are some fun things that I've been working on: 

  • Several really neat little written pieces for a project at Berklee College of Music called, "75 Songs, 75 Stories" (or something like that). The project celebrates Berklee's 75th anniversary by telling the behind-the-music story of 75 songs that Berklee people had a part in. It's a highly curated list; the real count of Berklee-involved songs would be more like 75 kajillion, but there aren't enough freelance writers in the entire universe to get that done on deadline. Check Berklee's website around May so see that project.
  • Edited a forthcoming book for GIA Publications, tentatively titled High Needs: Monumental Successes: Teaching Music to Low-Income and Underserved Students. Author Don Stinson, who teaches in a Chicago suburb, paints a picture of the "low-income" classroom and provides insightful ideas on how to address the unique needs of families who struggle to get by—but who still prioritize music for their kiddos. Watch for that by year end. 
  • Edited a first draft of a very sweet beginner guitar method book that involves fairy magic and lots of love. No timeline on that, but just know there is one very brilliant guitar playing woman in Canada who has a lot to offer to budding players. 
  • Editing a dear friend's book proposal for a music therapy book, and dammit she got the contract! It's with Random House. Miracles do happen. Authors get publishing contracts. Speaking of which.... 
  • I'm co-authoring a book for Berklee Press with my longtime Statler-and-Waldorf conspirator Jonathan Feist. (Not sure if I'm allowed to tell you what it's about.) Coming out next year some time—if the miracle of "getting it done on time" actually happens. 
Exciting things. Where do I fit it all in? Oh, that's easy. I don't sleep.

Love you. 



teegan said…
miss you, friend! glad work things are going well :)
Unknown said…
These projects sound amazing! I love how you can find the positive, even when things are hard.