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Sister Love: Remembering Marian, Part 2

On the very chilly afternoon of Saturday, January 9, we held a perfect memorial service for my sister Marian on Plymouth Beach. Due to group size limitations on COVID restrictions, we could not hold a traditional funeral, but Marian specifically said she didn't want her memorial to be sad. She wanted happy and fun. And so, we gathered a tiny circle of immediate family members and her very best friends at the beach, led by Rev. Dr. Helen Nablo of the Church of the Pilgrimage of Plymouth, to honor Marian. We met in the parking lot, and walked under cloudy skies against a 30-degree raw beach wind to the day parking area—a distance of about a mile. It was a trek and a half. Within a very short time, our group of 14 had expanded into a long column, each of us struggling through thick sand and heavy emotions at our own walking pace. Some walked alone; some of us walked in small knots, remembering Marian and talking about the many forms that our grief had taken over the years she had Alzh

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