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Dad's Raincoat

I'm teaching in a tent today. Well, today and every day, as long as I have a choice. Outdoors, where the air is clean and the kids are happy and we can take off our masks and make music. Today, I had the choice to teach inside. I tried one lesson. Then I changed my mind. I don't know what trumpet germs do inside so I decided it's not so bad out there. I'll grab a broom to drain the pooled water on the roof every ten minutes, and I'll make the best music with kids that we ever made. And that's what we're doing. I love my job. But. Today, the rain, the wet ground. Kids have bags. Bags get wet when you leave them on the ground. So I looked at my little flute player and her cute little white, pink, and blue knapsack,and I said, "Hold on." I ran to my car and got Dad's old yellow raincoat. When Dad died a year or two ago, I didn't take a lot from his things, but we did take all three of his yellow raincoats. They are all a little dirty, because…

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