Lately we've been watching Irish dancer Kieran Jordan's new DVD, Secrets of the Sole: Irish Dance Steps and Stories with Kieran Jordan ( Featuring Kevin Doyle and Aidan Vaughan). The CD is for adults, but it's been high on the request list of our two-year-old... and it's even beat out Cinderella (thank goodness!!)

$20 Release date: 2008 / Region Code: all / Running time: 66 minutes

If you're one of those people who's tired of all the Riverdance hoopla and hope that surely Irish dancing is a bit more earthy, you'll love this! In this 66-min documentary DVD, Kieran interviews and performs with two of her favorite step dancers who have influenced her over the years. Kevin Doyle (from Rhode Island) is a performer of old style traditional Irish step dance, as well as early styles of American tap dance. Aidan Vaughan (from County Clare, Ireland) is known as a living master of West Clare dance styles, including set dancing and sean-nós step dancing.

This video features up-close solo and duet performances, plus a rare trio performance, highlighting the dancers’ unique steps and styles. Extensive interviews illuminate Kevin’s and Aidan’s dance backgrounds and stories, encapsulating much of Irish dance history in the process. George Keith and Sean Gannon, two of Boston’s best traditional Irish musicians, provide live music for the dancing. Filmed in front of a small live audience, this video takes a warm and personal approach that captures the joy, vitality, and multiplicity of Irish dance traditions.