100 Days of Practice, Day 10: What?

Yesterday's light practice day was a good idea... last night's big band gig... holy loud. Everything was okay until the Tower of Power chart hit the stands and from then on... well, let's just say the band was getting carried away. BUT: THank goodness for a light practice day because the chops survived a long, loud, and raucous big band gig with no pain.

During the day, rehearsed at Berklee for the July 16 kids show on the Cape. Debbie and Friends are unveiling a new song. Can't decide if it's more Mr. Big Stuff, Jackson 5, or Cheers Theme Song. But good stuff. Bring the kids on July 16!

Other news: Stanley and Grimm are joining us for our July 14 show at Johnny D's... if you're Boston based, do come out and see us!

Now... today.

So far only long tones and technique exercises (the ones that killed me the other day. You know what my biggest challenge is in playing long tones and exercises? Staying still. I find myself walking in small circles, facing different walls, sitting, standing. Do you? This by the way is the same problem that makes me a pain in the #$#$ to watch a movie with (especially if you happen to have a squeaky leather couch.) Suzy does not stay still long. Well, there is the next phase in the long tones practice: staying still. Just sitting.


Peig said…
day 10

so today was my light day. my soppy neighbors arrived for the weekend so the 7am thing was out. sooooo I "listened" this am and thought about what I would do tonight. Tonight I played through everything I knew without any music. It felt good...The sitting thing.....hard to do for a post marching band girl.
Peig said…
day 11

so, good morning neighbors!!!!

45 min in this am. Everything from rolls, long tones and all tunes. Focused mostly on new tune memorizing phrases.

Off to Boston toady for tall ships. Feeling very accomplished and pleased with myself.