100 Days of Practice, Day 9: Lips Like Charlie the Tuna

Note to self: Don't double up on long tones and technique exercises on the very same day that you have a no break, 90-min big band gig...

By halfway through last night's Stage Door Canteen gig at the Windmill in Eastham, MA, Soul Mama on bari sax was chopless. As in, them lips just weren't happenin'! Well, they were trying very hard to continue to happen, but oh my achin' embouchure. And it didn't help that it was raining and about 60 degrees... God bless the 30 or so folks who braved the cold and sat under blankets and watched the whole show! The Eastham Green is a bowling alley of a park nestled between the Atlantic Ocean on one side (next stop: Ireland) and Cape Cod Bay on the other... Pardonnez moi, I do exaggerate: there are a few trees, houses, and a fire station shielding some of that breeze. Holy COLD.

Today's a light day on the practice side. Working on some tune transcription, then a rehearsal with Debbie and Friends at Berklee for July 16's children's show at Cape Cod Center for the Arts... then an evening gig with Stage Door Canteen at Liam Maguire's, beginning at 8:30!


Tonight: Thursday July 9 Liam Maguire's Irish Pub, Main St. Falmouth, MA
8:30-11:30PM. Me on bari sax, with swing band Stage Door Canteen. Special guests include fabulous lady Pat "Just Pick Up the Instrument" Drain of the Middle Street School of Music on guitar!

Next Thursday July 16. Performing with Debbie and Friends in a high
energy children's show.  TWO SHOWS!  9:30am and 11:30am, Cape Cod
Center for the Arts, Dennis, MA - Come and join us! This will be a
fun, full-band show. For tickets, please call 1-877-385-3911 or visit
Debbie' s page: www.debbieandfriends.net

I promise I'll post that practice exercise I've been doing. It's pretty darn cool.


Peig said…
day 9:

long notes and new tune only. Light am. Have more time tonite with Mr Big Band out. Looking forward to new exercise. All good stuff.
Debra Murphy said…
I played in Hyannis last night and it was cold and wet, too! Hard to get Stars and Stripes on the pic when your fingers are frozen, but it was still fun, and I thought it was cool to play the Otter's Holt a few hours earlier then find myself doing Sousa marches. My pic playing is stronger since getting better on the Irish flute. Fun!
Soul Mama said…
Fun is right!!!!! Well Mr. Big Band = Mr. LOUD BAND. My ears are still ringing.