100 Days of Practice, Day 52: Playing with a Full Deck

52 days, 52 cards: that's a full deck. My sister thinks I may not be playing with one, but who's to prove it?

Well, just to prove that maybe I am NOT playing with a full deck, I just got so excited by a new tune that I'm only beginning to learn that I sent an e-mail to Steven Karidoyanes, Musical Director of the Plymouth Philharmonic, to suggest that he consider adding a little Irish flute to the program some day... mine. Whoah. That is not a sign of my sanity, but it does prove that 52 days of practicing does enlarge one's cahoneys. (Sorry, I just looked that up on an English/Japanese translation site and word not found.)

One way to keep practicing super interesting: keep working on new things, challenges you haven't encountered yet, and do it every day.

Today, I started learning Carolan's Concerto. What a beautiful piece. All of this in prep for "The Beautiful Album," which we're going to start recording on September 11, a most auspicious day to do beautiful things. A day whose memory needs a little beauty.

Are you doing something beautiful and adventurous today?


Peig said…
day 51 and 52

ok back on track .....last night MBB out all night and i played nothing but rolls. Hope i am doing them right. Went up from low D through scale. Very focused, felt much better. Tonight will be limited as will be Sat. BUT, will work on it!!
Debra Murphy said…
Almost every tune is new to me! I am very pleased with myself after practicing 52 days in a row, and I plan to keep on going.
Soul Mama said…
Me too. Plan ahead now: the second 100 days is already on tap. Probably doing a 12-step program: 100 days at a time, 12 days. Good God. What a band we will have at the end. Irish flute choir, anyone?
Debra Murphy said…
Here is a link to my beautiful and adventurous work today.
If you are interested in nature and young children, you might find it interesting.
As for me, I have never questioned your cahoneys.... And you are not playing with a full deck.