100 Days of Practice, Day 70: The New Year Begins, again

I didn't think that Fall kept a Blackberry, but I'm sure glad it checked its calendar and arrived on Sept 1. What a gorgeous weekend. Yet, here--and not outside the normal range of abnormality--it's all a flurry.

Labor Day weekend for the Lindsays was friendly activity, four sunny hours in the Boston Public Gardens with the best two littlest Lindsays on the planet, and home catch-up, but just as important, it included a little forward planning: practice aimed toward the Lindsays' CD #2, to be recorded in October... and for that, we pull out the old but never tired motto:

Less is more.

In oh so many ways. Except not in sleep, where more definitely is more. But less is usually more often.

Awake since 3:00 am today, so allow this blog to simply say: Still alive. Still playing. A little tired.


Peig said…
day who knows what!!!

home after two weeks in Ireland, land of amazing music.

Played everyday in parking lots, driveways, sheep fields, Gougone Bara mountian.

This country is very vested in it's children and teaching of music and culture. They have festivals all over offering free classes in all instruments, dance and singing. The young kids there have no insecurities in dancing with girls/boys and have tons of confidence. I saw a young boy the age of 9 come in and ask to take a class on concertina. Knocked me out. This kid will play an intsrument because of this support. All for free!

I took two 1 hour classes from a Kathleen McInerney who studied for years with Mary Bergin. Took another 1 hour private with Brid O'Donoghue. What an experience.

Went to a concert of Frankie Galvin and his new DeDannu. All young players and over the moon.

This trip has changed my thinking a bit on learning new tunes by building some new confidence in myself.

Still processing everything we did and all we saw. I was able to find two music publications on regional music written by players from mid 1800's on through 1960's.

Only day was unable to play was the day we came home. 6 hours in the air, 5 hours time difference, major jet lag.

BUT today is a new day. well rested, began this Am and informed MBB he is on his own for dinner, again!

On fire now!!
Kerry Dexter said…
lovely story, making me think I should work out going over again sooner than January

looking forward to hearing about that recording, and to hearing it.
Peig said…
day 71?

Can not believe there are less than 30 days to go. In the beginning it looked so long. 100 days, how am I going to do that?

What a journey.

Today I played in the am as usual. Tonight I played with head set. Feels so much better. The only thing now I am seeing is after a while in the evening my fingers get stiff and stcik a bit. Feels like they can't move fast enough. Not sure what that is all about.

Now I can play with Music Mommy and keep up in time as well as correct notes and cuts.

Really feels good. My two weeks submerced in music paid off.

My cousin tells me a story of how he taught himself to play by ear the concertina as a young boy hiding under his bed while the oldr children where still up down stairs with the parents. Amazing the hunger for music he had. He is a very accomplished player and reads not one note.

So while over listening to all these great players I was wondering why if this is the source why do we feel we have to improve on it? The it occured to me, if music is a language, then evoles with experience. So what was played and written back then was a product of untrained musicians with the expriences at hand for them. As time moved forward and people listen to this source of music from different regions, they bring to it thier own experiences and therefore it evolves. I am so impressed at the people who wrote, played by ear and passed down this wonderful music, stories and language and so grateful to be any part of it.

What I came away with is the trained and untrained musicians all sit at the same table. Soon so will I!!!
Soul Mama said…
Wow Peig, you most definitely will! We have LOTS to talk about. Saturday: us, pizza, beer, and tell MBB he's on his own. You're staying in our guest room. :)