100 Days of Practice, Day 80: Making All the Big Things Little

Today, we explore the humor and wisdom of the ages.

Let us begin:

1. If a gig falls in the woods and there's no one there to play it, was there still a gig? Answer: Who cares? A gig has fallen in the woods. That's all.

2. Question: When is a gig just a gig? Answer. Every gig.

3. Question: Why did the musician cross the road? Answer: To get to the other gig.

4. Question: How many Irish bands does it take to play "The Wild Rover"? Answer: Apparently, all of them.

If you have sneefed une odeur du panique et angste (et Francaise tres mal, aussi) in the last two weeks, you have sneefed correctement. The chick just needs to chill.

Re-enter Pat the Fabulous. Remember her from Day 5?

Pat's sage advice, today:

1) Don't worry. The kids are alright.
2) Don't worry. Sometimes the gigging life will be incredibly ridiculously busy. Sometimes it won't.
3) Don't worry. This is who you are and what you do. It's okay.
4) Don't worry. Today is enough.
5) Give yourself some credit, for God's sake.

Some days all the big stuff becomes little again... bringing it right back to what it actually was in the first place.*** Thank heavens for sunshine, a balmy September day, and the music to be its effervescent soundtrack.


***Credit where credit is due: Why did everything big become small again? Action, of course, all before today's blog started. Solved the problems that had been floating out there and causing such anxiety: Late night gig is over, Mini Me unscathed and happy, safely delivered con smile, on time to preschool. Then, met a couple of unmet editing deadlines. Then spent time learning the tune I'm playing for a bride's processional tomorrow, and it was a piece of cake. Now practicing, because I CAN and because I WANT TO. And that is gorgeous. Action! Most times, that's all it takes.


Peig said…
day 80

All I can say is DIDO!!!!!

thank you for the new tunes. all is going according to someone's plan.