100 Days of Practice, Day 83, PART II: Riptide? What riptide?

So good it warranted its own entry.

On Day 82, I pledged I'd return to Wood Neck Beach with Mini Me so she could enjoy the scenery that Soul Parents got to enjoy without her while playing wedding on Saturday, Day 81.

Day 83: A lesson in the foibles of expectation, and a reminder to enjoy things for what they are, the first time 'round:

I did return to that beach today, with Mini Me and some friends. Took the picture, just like I promised, yesterday.

Think it's cute? Hmph.

This photo does not accurately capture just how wide, deep, and fast moving that tidal river was.

That lovely river they are playing at the edge of was running at rip tide strength. The kids couldn't resist it, nor could their insane mothers, who waded with one child in each hand, straight into the torrent and crossed it. Jeans wet up to mid thigh. Heavy and soaked. Mini Me couldn't understand why mother wouldn't let her lay on belly in deep, fast moving river. Mother confronting serious "child disappears at sea" phobia. Child begins tantrum. Continues tantrum. And continues tantrum for entire visit to beach.

Our brave (and insane) heroines lead children back across dangerous tidal river. And directly to car. On the way, Mother, for some unexplained reason, starts retelling the story of The Secret of Roan Inish.

The vision of what that beach could be and what it actually was: very different. Wished I'd fully enjoyed it on the wedding day, rather than thinking that it would be so much nicer with Mini Me in tow. It wasn't. Go figure.