100 Days of Practice, Day 86: Last Night

Thanks so much to folks who came out to the Bridgewater Traditional Irish Music Ensemble's session last night, part of the Bridgewater STate College Improv Nights series, which takes place one Wednesday a month at the Campus Center. About 20 musicians showed up, representing Irish musicians from Cape Cod to Boston, and we had a great night of playing! Thank you to Bill Black for co-hosting the event with me. Here's one little pic... hopefully we'll have more to post soon if they get sent to me! This photo was sent by Victor Oliver, mandolin player. Victor's wife plays whistle and is an alumn of Bridgewater, from back in the day "when students dressed for dinner and were served"--back when it was an all-woman's college and its main emphasis, the training of school teachers.

Hooray for Prof. Don Running and Dr. Salil Sachdev for getting these events up and running!

Sorry the photo is just of Bill and me... there were lots of us there, but Victor said he had only enough batteries to take this one shot!