100 Days of Practice, Round 2, Day 9: Part II

Real-life scenes from the Lindsay practice complex, we bring you: "The Most Expensive Drink Coaster in the World"...


Susan said…
That just made my stomach flip.
Dr. D. Running said…
Almost didn't practice yesterday. Then one of my doe eyed students asked if I had put my time in. I couldn't lie. So I did a brief warm-up followed by a bunch of sightreading of cello music. Wish the trombone was as agile as the cello when it comes to dropping octaves and 12ths.

Today I finally dug out all my old music from undergrad. I didn't know I had so much. And I found my old daily routine. Couldn't get through it at 21 - still can't. Gotta find something better. But the bottom statement is worth remembering - All major/minor scales - 2 octaves, All major/minor arpeggios - 2 octaves.

Next post I may bring up conductor practice - and what is 'practice' anyway?
Peig said…
day 11

1st set of goals accomplished!!!

next week begin next reel Sally Gardens.

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