100 Days of Practice, Round 2 Day 36: Have we packed?

Well, we're leaving for Ireland at 2 pm today.

I practiced this morning! Hooray!

We got a letter from Blue Cross stating that our health insurance has begun! Hooray!

After six years in progress, the woodwork on the downstairs practice room/bar is done, and the room is pristine! Hooray!

All the laundry is done! Hooray!

Passports located and ready! Hooray!

We've raked the leaves and the yard looks great! Hooray!

The yard is all cleaned up, gardening tools put away, ladders and rakes stored neatly! Hooray!

The bathroom closet has been reorganized and it's perfect! Hooray!

All the gifts are bought and ready! Hooray!

I'm almost done with all of my work! Hooray!

The house is nearly spotless! Hooray!

The fridge is clean! Hooray!

The mudroom is spotless! Hooray!

Have we packed, you ask? Well... um... it's like this....


Susan said…
All that productivity makes my head spin. Have a great trip!
Soul Mama said…
You can call it productivity or you can call it neuroses. Lesser souls would call it procrastination. But I always remember Hemingway's words, which went something like this: "To start a novel, you must first clean the fridge." The part about the fridge was a lie, by the way. The fridge is, um, not clean.