100 Days of Practice Round 2, Day 53: From Where I'm Standing

Ah, it's all about perception, isn't it? If I'd only been standing 20 feet further north last night, I woulda got my stinkin' Jingle Bells. Still, from where I'm standing, I keep hoping that what I see is universal.

This blogging thing can be a bear. I have no particular interest in sharing my innermost thoughts, except in hopes that my speed bumps may mirror yours, and together we can drive over them without spilling a drop of coffee.

This morning, I saw a flier for Antje Dukevot's upcoming Dec. 12 show at the Driftwood Folk Cafe in Plymouth. I thought the Globe's writer did a beautiful job here:

She believes in the redemptive power of the shared secret; and is utterly unafraid to mine the darkest corners of her life for songs that turn fear into resilience and isolation into community.

Beautifully stated. Yet.... "the redemptive power of the shared burden"... does this mean something similar to "overly personal female singer songwriter?" Likewise for the blogger: shared burden or whiny writer? New journalism or public journal?

Either way, I am here to tell you that we're over the hump of our second 100, and from what I'm hearing, we're all getting better, and having more fun playing. I must say, I have never felt so in-command of the flute. A terrific feeling.

If you don't hear much from me in coming weeks, it's because the end of the semester comes at the same time as four major Lindsays concerts, intensive prep for the unveiling of an Irish Big Band at the Boston Celtic Music Festival in January... and of course, the holidays! The tree! The cookies! The friends and family!

Dozens of tunes to learn before I sleep soundly again, and I do I do I do feel joyful about it. But mostly I'm looking forward to January 10, when it's all over!


B said…
I am curious, I tried to find the write-up online but could not.

Initially you noted the writer stated, "...the redemptive power of the shared secret", then went on to pose your questions based on the message as if it were, "...the redemptive power of the shared burden".

The chasm between a secret and burden is enormous in it's implications no?
Soul Mama said…
Big difference, indeed. Freudian slip.

Soul Mama said…
Hm.... the more I think about it, actually, sometimes burden and secret are the same thing.
B said…
I've been thinking on/off about this today. I think they could be the same thing, a secret could be a burden. Something told in confidence that the person is not comfortable with and burdens them to hold within. Other times, secrets are treasures to hold and keep us warm, with shared understanding. Burden though rarely has a positive connotation for me personally. I would be interested to know the Globe writers intent with their choice of words...of course, that may simply ruin what that green light on the dock truly means though, now wouldn't it.