100 Days of Practice Round 2 Day 55, Part II: Happy Endings

Remind me never to say I won't be writing much in the next couple of weeks. I jinxed myself; now I can't stop.

What a nice day music brought today.

Woke at 5 to practice.

Brought Babycakes to school (after I snapped this picture, the very first photo to be taken with our new camera!), and off to Bridgewater to hear student reports on some interesting contemporary artists: Pink, Michael Buble, Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney, John Mayer, and my favorite today, James Morrison. No, not THAT James Morrison, and not that other one either.

Then, off to Irish Traditional Music Ensemble, where the students played tunes they'd been working on all semester, then our dancers gave us a workshop in how to dance a reel. What fun! Can't help it; I feel kinda proud of them. (The two dancers in the class will be joining us for our Celtic Christmas concerts, by the way.)

Then back to my office to listen to a 28 min. piece titled "Urban Requiem" for sax quartet and wind ensemble, by Michael Colgrass, Pulitzer prize winning composer whose memoir I recently copyedited. A gorgeous programmatic piece that is a musical representation of Miami and its varied and colorful cultures. Colgrass is a genius. I am proud to have had the chance to work with him on his book.

Then I checked email found out we've sold all but 14 tickets for our Celtic Christmas Concert with Stanley&Grimm at the Cotuit Center for the Arts show on Sunday. That's big.

I ran to the practice room because I was too excited to do anything but play.

Then, off to rehearsal with the wind band, followed by a couple hours of really fun chat with students, and grading a few music papers.

Then, a concert with the Bridgewater State College Wind Ensemble, directed by Dr. Donald Running, AKA Brassdoc. What an incredible job he's done with the wind ensemble, and what fabulous taste. For tonight's concert, he put together a very interesting program of neotraditional modern compositions, all with a theme related to sleep, dreaming, the big sleep, etc. Much fun to play wind ensemble music again (I filled in on second alto), and what great pieces. Don is a wonderful conductor: expressive, emotive, fabulous composure. A joy!

Stopped at the convenience store on the way home for two of my favorite starches, and decided that since things had been just so lovely all day, I'd try my hand at a lottery ticket. And I won. A dollar. So I got another one. And I won. A dollar.

What did I do with the third ticket? I lost.

What a buzz kill. But that's what beer is for.

Of course, what's much nicer is this: the cheery home that greeted me, with my two favorite people sleeping peacefully in their beds. How nice it is to be home.

Thus ends a 14-hour day of doing just what I love.

Not that we questioned it recently, but: Yes, practice is worth it.