100 Days of Practice Round 2 Day 77: Short Term Goals

New Year's resolutions are nice, but short term goals are so much easier to achieve--and just when I thought the Christmas hubbub was over came BCMFest to steer my attention away from Jan 1 and focus it entirely on Jan 9.

Yes, the Boston Celtic Music Festival is coming on January 8-9, and there's nothing like a big deadline to get you moving. There are ten of us working together on a Dudley Street Irish dance hall "remake" band for the festival, recreating and updating the sound of the typical Boston dance hall band of the 1950s. We're calling ourselves the Boston Highlands Ceili Band, and we're learning music directly from a record of the Johnny Powell band from the 1950s. Translation: learn and memorize twelve tunes on soprano sax, to play in fourteen days at dance-hall speed (read: not slowly).

Intimidating if you let it be, but so far it's just a lot of fun.

The group performs from 2:10-2:45 pm on the Sanctuary Stage at the festival. For more info, visit www.bcmfest.com

And after that? A Lindsay hiatus (more or less) until a March 7 concert at the Scituate Library. No performances, we think -- just working on finishing our CD, and more importantly, spending time as a family enjoying each other's company as the cold winter days lengthen into spring. Can't think of anything more appealing!


Peig said…
day 77

so had a great lesson in the "Snug" with Soul Moma last night to end this year.

We worked out my short and long term goals and are quite happy with those.

I was thinking as I am adding new tunes and how hard to can be to memorize tunes about my Grandparents, parents and cousins in ireland. All very different people in education backround. Some with none and others with high education.

Then I think about a player known to MBB who was a schooled musician and went to play on a coveted gig. Soon into the night he was NOT sight reading well and was asked to leave. He went home and tossed his horn in the closet in disgust.

As time went on he missed playing and became determined to conquer this sight reading thing. He made two huge spin wheels and placed them next to each other marked with signatures. He then picked out a tune and spun the wheels and whatever it landed on, he played. I always marveled at that type of drive and passion to learn. This horn player is now one of the most sought after players in the area.

My family not well schooled worked through and mastered the fiddle and piano not being able to read music at all. They were great players and passed on the love of it to all of us.

So I guess the answer is there are no walls too high to climb to get to where you want to be.

I plan to sing in every tree with the shadows of those who once were!!!!!!!

Happy New Year