100 Days of Practice Round 2 Day 84: The Prodigal Daughter Returns

So this is what it must be like to have two children.

For 184 days, Soul Mama has nurtured the flute because it was oh-so-needy... Meanwhile, the sax, taken for granted because it was the well-behaved first child, sat in its box, only let out for gigs and only intermittently for serious romps.

Then suddenly there's a big sax gig coming up at Boston Celtic Music Fest this weekend, and the flute--my trusty, faithful companion--has been for two weeks relegated to its velvet lined coffin while the Long Lost gets its due.

It just doesn't seem fair. Alas, we know the flute and her temperamental behavior, and payback is indeed a -- well, you know. Oh, payback will come. And it will be nasty.

For now, all attention is turned to the sax, and we're getting ready to unleash an 11-piece Irish big band on unsuspecting Boston Celtic music fans who did absolutely nothing to deserve such cruel and unusual punishment.

From a personal perspective, it has been an exciting two weeks, memorizing 15 tunes on sax, tripledy hard because everything is in multi-sharp keys. Everything old is new again. The chops are torn and tattered but the mind is en garde!

"'My daughter,' Soul Mama said, 'you are always with me, and everything I have is yours. But we had to celebrate and be glad, because this sister of yours was dead and is alive again; she was lost and is found.'

– (FLuke 15:31-32)