100 Days of Practice, Round 3 Day 8: Happy Imbolc

Today's Groundhog Day and, guess what, we've got six more weeks of winter. But we knew that. The calendar told us that, long before the pudgy little tailless rat poked his head out of its Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania hole.

Hello, Neo-Celts. It's your day! It's also Imbolc, St. Bridget's Day, and Candlemas. And the Gaels used to think that the hag showed up today looking to replenish her log pile. If she got a new coat for Christmas and wanted to keep wearing it, she would make it sunny, so that she can collect lots of wood. How a hag became a groundhog is not so clear, but I do think I prefer the fuzzy little bugger.

And then there's the rest of the Celtic world, too isolated from each other to share the same legends.

-At the Hill of Tara, some stone passage is lit up.
-Somewhere else, a ewe or tewe is getting its milk.
-Some virgin is getting purified. (The Catholics are doing this; I swear, it's not my fault.)
-Brigid was walking the earth last night, blessing your clothes lines and the sock you left outside your neighbor's gate.
-The Neopagans just finished reading Harry Potter (again) and are burning their front door wreaths in the fireplace.
-The Celtic Reconstructionists are drinking Scotch and reciting poetry from The Silver Bough.
-The Wicca chicks are reapplying black nail polish.
-Helen is burning Rosemary because she already tossed out Holly.
-And MiniMe is at school making groundhog holes out of styrofoam cups.

It's a celebratory day, all around. More winter!

That's just fine with me. I only got the summer clothes into storage in November, anyway.