Day 251: Kiss Me, I'm Not Irish!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you from one G. I. G. (Genuine Irish Guy, still sleeping) and his companion outcross (Irish greyhound language for MUTT)!

This is a day we've been waiting for, and honestly, I practically ran to the computer to wish you a happy day. Since St. Pat's became a heavy duty working day for me about fifteen years ago, I've noticed that there are two kinds of St. Patrick's Days: balmy and sunny (hooray, spring is here!) or snow (damn that groundhog). In the end, I do believe the little fuzzy b#$#rd was right... it's been six weeks since he emerged in Punxatawney, Penn., and guess what: Six weeks later, we've got spring!

What's it like to be a musician today? Well, for me: I woke up and my heart was jumping. Two gigs today, comprising just over 12 hours of the day, the first thing I did after putting on the coffee pot was to make a to-do list on the back of an envelope that last week delivered a St. Patrick's Day card from Ireland.

Oh, the list? Yeah, that. It is not short. I'm thinking about how many hours of music we need to put together, how many tunes I need to dust off, where the heck I put the 55 giant leprechaun hats that we've acquired over the years, and all of the songs we have to pull out that are mostly reserved for St. Pat's... the "Irishy Irishy" stuff. The stuff that gets everyone clapping and having fun. This is it, here, folks. You're talking to Miss Fun Central. The one with the heart attack and high blood pressure. But by God, I'll die happy. :)

My friend Harry sent us a beautiful poem yesterday for St. Pat's. He's Irish and when this day comes, he wastes no time getting down to business, reflecting on the wonders of his inheritance in his inimitable way. (I will share it with you tomorrow, here, if Harry gives me permission. Can we Harry, pretty please?) Good ol' Harry, never disappoints. He's always real. Then there's me: today, donning the giant Irish leprechaun hat. But as The Bull so ominously warned in my favorite Irish movie The Field: "This is deep. Deeper than you t'ink..."

But not really. Today is a day for fun. As Denya the Fabulous says, this is the life we've chosen. And you know... dedicating one's life to making others happy is a wonderful, wonderful way to live. No matter what my doctor says.

Today: Have a fabulous day! Stay tuned to our Facebook page, as I'm planning to post photos all day of events as they happen... if I can get it together, that is. And tomorrow, I'll post even more photos and God knows what I'll be writing about... Watch this space!

Lots of love to you all... enjoy the day! I know that we will.


Today, we'll be at Boston's of Plymouth from 1:00-3:30, then Liam Maguire's in Falmouth starting at 6:00 and off and on til closing time....