Day 252, Part II: The Day After

9 pm on the day after, and the Lindsay ladies are cuddled up on the couch, watching a Disney movie. Not quite sure how I’m still semi-upright, as this is the 36th hour without sleep now… too keyed up last night to sleep, after a blast of a day sans beer, playing music with the love of my life and one of our best friends. My throat is hoarse from singing, fingers sore from playing, and legs are sore from dancing. It’s not such a bad life.

Photos of the day will be posted on our Facebook Fan page, and please do stop by that page if you want a laugh…. quick while the shamrock glow is still on ya. Also we’ll post some video of Steve singing “Raglan Road.” Just as soon as we find our camera, that is.

It was a day among days, driven by the inspiration of Denya’s words, “Remember, we chose this life.” Also mucho inspired by this video, shared by Rob Pemberton, our friend who’s engineering our CD. Watch Billy Preston, and you can’t possibly have a bad day. It worked for me. (By the way, the edge is cut off because of the layout of Blogger... if you want to see the FULL wide video, which you really must, visit this link.

Ah, you shoulda seen me in my pigtails, shamrock knee socks, and motorcycle boots busting these moves on "Dirty Old Town."* St. Patrick woulda been proud. But not our babysitter. She looked me up and down as we were leaving and told me I looked like a bag lady. You gotta have thick skin to get by in this town.