Day 261: Think You Can. It works.

Well, it's one of those nights when I'm in danger of going on and on about how wonderful everything is. So I'll spare you, and instead share some photos from today's CD release party with Debbie and Friends.

It was a day for yet another hat, today the hat of "backup sax and whistle girl" in Debbie and Friends, a children's band. Not Irish, not "world" music... just music. For kids. Happy. Smile a lot. Do the motions. Be joyous!

Continuing yesterday's reflections on authenticity....At last: Here's the place where "authenticity" doesn't matter, but being genuine does. Here was the place where I could play the Irish whistle and not worry if I sounded "Irish" enough because I was playing bluesy riffs on a C Susato whistle, over a gospel-flavored song about the Little Engine That Could. See, it didn't matter whether it was Irish or not. What mattered was the fact that the whistle was in conversation with powerhouse vocalist Darcel Wilson, whose voice was so beautiful that she made half the band cry during soundcheck.

You see? That's what matters...the message: "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...." Because, well, sometimes you really can. Just try.

Check out Darcel's singing on "I Think I Can" at Debbie's website.

Special thanks to everyone who came out to the show! You are what makes it all worth it.