Day 276: Pop Quiz

Where is Soul Mama? Pick one.

A. Some weeks are just crazy.
B. Some weeks are just really beautiful so she's out moving hostas instead of playing longtones.
C. She's been sick all week and hasn't had the drive to write.
D. Time has been so limited that she can only pick one: a) practice or b) write about practice. And without a, there can be no b.
E. Still in a coma from an attack of the Chocolate Easter Bunny.
F. All of the above.

The Lindsays are still alive, kickin', and inspired, but ... if I don't get down to that practice room before the troops stir, practice will not happen. Ever.

Coming soon: reflections on a South Boston funeral, and inspiring words from Santana. After I practice.

(Day 276 of practice and haven't been perfect but haven't given up. That seems alright.)