Day 287 of Practice: Lindsays News

Goodness, folks, sorry to have disappeared on you, but it's just one of those busy times again... too busy to even be blogging, apparently!

Tuesday night was a concert with the Bridgewater State College Wind Ensemble, in which Miss Suzy played baritone saxophone. Fortunately, my bari sax broke a couple of days ago so I got to borrow the college's shiny late model, and it was a little like trading in a trusty Chevy pickup for a 2007 Volvo. Not new, not flashy, but so solid and so fun to drive!


April 27, The Lindsays open up the Bridgewater State College World Music Festival, with traditional Irish tunes from 11:00-11:45. We'll be joined by concertina player Chris Stevens, and are looking forward to that adventure... as we've never played together before and probably wouldn't recognize each other if we walked straight into each other on the street. That's Irish music for you, lads.

May 8: The Lindsays perform with the Plymouth Philarmonic Orchestra for their Irish Pops night. Looking forward to it!

Still finishing up that CD, and coming real close now... since we can only book studio time about once every month or so, it's coming along slowly, but it's coming.. .and it's almost done. Very exciting.