Day 307: Living Your Passion Never Gets Old

Ah, the musical life.

After waking up at 4:00 am to finish a wind ensemble score study, then an early morning drive to Bridgewater to take an 8 a.m. conducting final exam, editing online music lessons and grading final exams for four hours, then giving a final exam in Music: A Listening Approach, I rushed to Sounds Interesting Studios to record low whistle, whistle, and soprano and alto sax on four of the songs on our upcoming CD, tentatively titled Blue & Green. Arrived home at 11 pm. A long day, but what a joy!

Some really nice music is coming your way. The most inspired moments last night were a couple of soaring whistle solos to accompany Steve's beautiful singing on "John of Dreams" and "Smoke and Strong Whiskey." Some soprano sax reels are also in store, as are some straight ahead rock and roll work on Ordinary Man, a song from the recession of the '80s that is timely again. And that's just some of it.

Do I sound proud of all the activity? I think I am. That's a full day, and I'm still amazed just about every moment that a person can actually make a living following their passion... and further surprised that one of those persons happens to be me. Mind you, I'm still only captain of the whale ship Corolla (vintage appx. 1848) but we're doing it. And it's great.
You know, I stopped writing the blog for a month or so and it was partly because I was feeling self-conscious about all this "writing about me, us, me, us, me, us" thing, feeling embarrassed to suggest that we have something other than some great Irish songs and a few tunes to offer you.

As if you care. Well, I suppose if you're here, you do, and that's why I came back.

Reporting in from Plymouth, it's the Lindsays, with nothing to offer you but joy.