Day 337: A Hot Dogger Cooks Organic

Let me begin by stating that yesterday's lunch was a hot dog and Kraft mac & cheese in Sponge Bob Square Pants shapes. With Tostitos.

Now, let me tell you about dinner. Organic chard sauteed with extra virgin olive oil and chopped garlic scapes. Panko chicken (Nature's Promise, of course, rolled in yolk from one little tiny blue egg from a free-range chicken). Mashed potatoes. Organic baby carrots (bought them at BJs). Be still my bleatin' heart. Thanks to Plato's Harvest Organic Farm, suddenly, dinner is fun again.

Wednesday was the official opening day at Plato's Harvest CSA. That's Community Supported Agriculture, and that means an end to a Dark Winter of Hot Dogs. Plato's Harvest is an organic farm in Middleboro, and it's a CSA where I and 100 or so other food freaks pay in advance for 20 weeks of locally grown organic vegetables. They plant, they weed, they pick. We show up once a week and take home fifty bags of lettuce.

But oh my goodness, yummy lettuce. And this week, we also took home 1 lb of gorgeous spinach, 1 lb of arugula, 2 large heads lettuce, 4 small heads lettuce, 3 kohlrabi (what the hell is that, anyway?), 3 white and 3 red salad turnips (sauteed 'em with garlic scapes and mushrooms... ooh la la), 50 garlic scapes (I think actually it's more like 10 million), 1 bunch chard, and pick your own herbs. I didn't pick. I took my leaves and ran. Ran home to Google recipes for vegetables that I didn't even know existed.

Please understand. I also run like hell whenever someone uses the word "organic" more than three times in a sentence. I roll my eyes when someone asks me if I BBQ'ed the veggie burgers on a separate part of the grill. I have been known to eat a whole bag of Doritos in one sitting. I like hot dogs.

But I also like fresh made pesto. Last night, at Farmer Dave's suggestion, I made it with garlic scapes, basil (some of which was from my own pathetic garden), fresh grated parmesan, the juice of one lemon, and a dash of salt. Together with the fresh loaf of ciabatta from Artisan's Kitchen--also part of my weekly CSA share--and the six-pack of IPA you bring when you stop by next, we've got a party.

Thanks, Farmer Dave and Farmer's Wife Sasha. You know what? You can't beat the flavor of your homegrown. Plus you're way more fun to talk to than the checkout lady at Wal-Mart.

Next week, another 20 bags of lettuce? Bring it on!