Day 338: Back to the Music...

After a short foray into organica, I'm back to what it's all about... the tunes!

Folks, if you haven't done it yet, do buy Comhaltas' session books. What a great selection of frequently played and widely known tunes. In prep for a session I'm guesting at on Friday, June 18 (Bill Black's session at the Irish Cultural Center of New England), I spent this morning's practice session dusting off the books and just playing through a ton of common session tunes.

Musician Moms don't have a lot of leeway to get out to sessions; the ones that still play are mostly just focusing on the tunes they're recording or performing. I know this is fact because there are only two of us, and we just talked yesterday.

So... such fun to be had with Foinn SeisiĂșn 1. Yes, I know, it's much more real to be playing through these tunes with real people. Even better when those real people happen to be real friends. But see paragraph 3, sentence 2.

If you really want to get authentic (highly recommended), don't buy the book, but instead go to CDBaby and buy a copy of the CD that comes with it and play along with that massive session sound. (Oh, I have the CD somewhere... I beg you to again refer to paragraph 3, sentence 2.)

Long live the tunes!