Day 343 of Practice: The Cat Ate My Flute

This morning, conditions seemed right for an inspired day. The morning bike ride, the coffee, the return home with poetic thoughts in mind... Then I lost my flute. Or, to be specific, the cat ate it. We don't have a cat, but I'm pretty sure it was a cat that did it, because I understand that cats eat most lost things.

But, this is one of those times when apparent misfortune comes to our aid. You may recall that a couple weeks ago, I discovered that my flute needs repair, so I contacted its maker in Scotland, and arranged for my flute's European summer holiday... then contacted a friend to borrow a flute. This friend doesn't procrastinate, so it just so happens that I have an extra flute in the house. The cat didn't eat that one. Yet.

This is very fortunate, because the next several days are rather busy.


Today, June 17.
Lettuce, Lindsays, and Love. We're playing opening day at the Plymouth Farmer's Market. Catch local music, local food, and local color (you can always count on the latter) at Steven's Field today from 2:30 to 6:30. For more info, visit their Web site,

Tonight, June 17. I'll be playing my baritone saxophone (much to big for a small cat to eat) with Stage Door Canteen at Liam Maguire's in Falmouth.

Tomorrow, June 18. I'll be joining Bill Black for the Irish session from 9-11 pm at the Irish Cultural Center of New England, 200 New Boston Drive, Canton, Massachusetts, 02021.

Next up is June 30, a free outdoor concert at the Windmill in Eastham, Mass. with the Lindsays, and special guests Sean Farias on acoustic bass and Salil Sachdev on percussion.

In the meantime... if anyone sees a cat wandering around with a squarish looking belly, please note his license plate number and call the police. And me. I'd really like my flute back.


Soul Mama said…
Update: One hour and several heart attacks later, I can report that the flute is on the floor in the backseat of my husband's truck. I don't know why it's there. I don't know how it got there. But Soul Papa is grounded til Sunday.