Day 343 Part II, On Food: The Flute Smoothie, a Recipe

Here's a recipe from the Lord's most low maintenance chef.

An ideal drink to celebrate finding your lost flute. Five minutes to prepare, unless you insist on washing your fruit first. (Finicky, finicky you.)

-1 carton of Stonyfield fat-free blueberry yogurt that's been in the fridge for over two months because I hate fruit yogurt

-About 7 about-to-go-bad strawberries

-Half a package of fresh raspberries, also on the verge of saying bye-bye. I know because I had to pick out a few moldy ones. (Do you eat blue cheese? Then stop with the being grossed out thing.)

-A big handful of blueberries, still fresh. Miracle!

-Another big plop of fat-free vanilla yogurt... also Stonyfield. (Hey, they went to my alma mater, I have to buy their products.)

-A capful of "Mother's" brand toasted wheat germ. (Something to make you feel virtuous, even if you don't know what it's for.)

-Half a mug of tap water (I said low maintenance!)

-Half a mug of crushed ice

Run it through the blender for about a minute, and oh my goodness... You'll be set up for the morning.