Day 344 of Practice: Cool Parents, We Love You.

Sometimes at bedtime, Soul Fry and I go over the events of the day and pick out our favorite part. I'm thinking about yesterday, one of those days when 343 days of practice paid off. Two gigs, totalling seven hours of playing, and twelve hours of the day.

The musical day began at the Farmer's Market in Plymouth, with ten children heralding in the start of the season with tambourines, shakers, and plastic instruments, and ended eight hours later with a 14-piece big band at Liam Maguire's in Falmouth playing "Brown Eyed Girl," the universal over-40 siren song for barroom dancers.

A riddle:

Q: How many bar bands does it take to play "Brown Eyed Girl?"

A: Apparently all of them.

But back to our story. Thank you farmers of Plymouth for bringing your goods to Steven's Field, a place that we who grew up in town associate with tennis and swim lessons (yes, we all swam there til someone spotted toilet paper floating by), steamed hot dogs, a can of Pepsi, and a chocolate bar, purchased from Chet Downie with our weekly 50-cent allowance.

Now the concession stand, run by Side Dish, is all about organic energy bars and hibiscus iced tea. Oh, then there's the oven baked pizza at the Market, done by the man in the straw porkpie hat, while you wait.

My favorite part? Mighta been Sasha's hug. Also mighta been the awesome under-5 crowd at the Farmer's Market, especially Lana, who shook her little patootie for nearly three hours straight, dancing while we played. That's what life is about, my friends.

Thank you, you cool moms and dads, for bringing your kids right to the music and letting them let themselves free for as long as they wanted to, not rushing them off anywhere, but just letting them play and dance.

You are some seriously cool people. Maybe I'm a little biased, and I certainly am no expert, but I really like the track you're on.


Unknown said…
You guys sounded wonder and really made the market great! Wish you were there every week. And I LOVED your shirt!!